Hoffman Hospice




10 months , 6 Months Grief Support


Admin Size - 10,915. , Grief Support - 13,508

Project Description

Our team recently accomplished an outstanding project for Hoffmann Hospice, which entailed the new construction of an Administration Building and a Bereavement Support Building. The Administration Building spans 10,915 square feet, while the Bereavement Center covers 4,121 square feet. In an impressive 8-month timeframe, we completed all aspects of construction, structural work, site improvement, paving, site concrete, and landscaping.

Project details

Hoffmann Hospice facility expansion

Administration: 10,915 SF

Bereavement Center: 4,121 SF

Comprehensive site development

8-month completion schedule

Our team took immense pride in their work on this project, surpassing expectations in every aspect of the assignment. We are confident that our efforts will support Hoffmann Hospice in providing exceptional care and services to their patients and their families.


By adhering to this methodology and maintaining close collaboration with our client, we were able to deliver superior finished products, tailored to their distinct requirements and specifications. We take great pride in having contributed to the growth and success of Hoffmann Hospice.

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